EGGstravaganza Was an EGGstremely Good Time

We attended National Community Church’s Eggstravaganza at Lincoln Park this afternoon. It was a very nice event. AJ enjoyed getting his face painted, seeing the donkeys and goats at the petting zoo, and dancing to the music.

We didn’t get to spend as much time there as I would have liked. The event started at noon and I like to get AJ down for nap by 1 p.m. So we cut it short and didn’t participate in the egg hunts. It’s OK though because I don’t think he really got the concept of the egg hunt anyway. I think next year when he is 3.5, he will be all about the egg hunt.

Overall it was a beautiful day, the kind that makes you grateful to live in Capitol Hill, and thankful for the neighbors who make events like this happen. Happy Easter!

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