Thanks for Your Comments on Kid-Friendly Dining–New List Coming Soon!

I was thrilled at the response to my previous post, “Kid-Friendly Restaurants on the Hill: Is the Struggle for Real?” I received a number of comments here, and I received 51(!!) comments over at the Hill East Facebook group, where I shared the post.

Neighbors wrote to share their specific recommendations (local Mexican joints are extremely popular), as well as more general observations about what makes a restaurant kid-friendly: generous table size, fairly loud noise level (so that your kids don’t disturb other patrons), the “stink-eye factor” and crucially, a sufficient number of high chairs.

I am right now compiling all the data, and am planning to publish an amazing, incredible, complete list of the Hill’s kid-friendliest restaurants, with a new rating system based on your feedback.

Happy eating, neighbors, and don’t let the stink eye get you down.

AJ awaits pizza at Seventh Hill at Eastern Market.

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