MotherNation: A Resource for New Moms

Attention, new Capitol Hill mamas and mamas-to-be! I would like to introduce you to MotherNation, a wonderful resource that I recently discovered. Described as “a wellness community for women in the beginning stages of motherhood,” MotherNation was started by two local moms, Adrienne and Cait, who met in a D.C. house share (perhaps the most D.C. way to meet), and whose friendship deepened as they became mothers.

MotherNation is currently offering the following nurturing and supportive services:

  • Mama Match: Get matched with either an experienced mentor mama or a peer, due around the same time as you, for friendship and support.
  • MotherNation Circle: Join a group of no more than eight moms in your neighborhood for conversation and connection.
  • Fitness for You: Let MotherNation help you find the right prenatal or postnatal exercise class for you.

MotherNation’s website also has a collection of great articles about self-care, baby care, pregnancy, infertility and more. There is also a newsletter that feels like a hug. I encourage you to check it out and learn more about MotherNation,

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