CHK Blog Update, May 1: Introducing the Capitol Hill Kid Logo

Hey neighbors! I was very excited this past week to publish the Capitol Hill Kid logo above! The logo was designed by a graphics designer who is an amazing work friend of mine. I am incredibly pleased with it, as it reflects what I was envisioning as I conceptualized the site, yet is better than what I imagined. That is what graphics designers do for you.

More news about the site:

GOALS–My current goals include:

  • Compile and publish list of kid-friendly restaurants, incorporating all the feedback received from Hill East and the comments here.
  • Set up Facebook page and Twitter accounts for CHK. Maybe Instagram.
  • Research, write, publish list of all day cares on Capitol Hill.
  • Build a forum where neighbors can discuss Capitol Hill family topics.
  • Finalize and publicize CHK’s list of Summer Camps on the Hill.

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for me, please get in touch at

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