CHK Blog Update, May 15: Making New Friends

Hi neighbors. I’m continuing to work to grow Capitol Hill Kid into a trusted resource on kids’ activities, summer camps and more on the Hill. Here’s what CHK accomplished in the past week:

  • Made more friends on Facebook and Twitter. CHK now has 99 followers on Facebook and 37 on Twitter (up from 83 and 26 a week ago). Thanks for following CHK!
  • Updated lists with new info: I was unaware of story time at Solid State Books on H Street. A reader let me know, and now Solid State is represented on the Babies, Toddlers/Preschoolers and Free lists.
  • Published nine blog posts–all of them news/announcements about activities going on around the neighborhood.

That’s it for this week. Please get in touch––if you have any questions or suggestions for me.

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