Everything’s A-OK at the Sesame Street Road Show

AJ and I spent the morning at the Sesame Street Road Show, held on the fields of KIPP DC College Preparatory (by Union Market). It was a great fun and a well-run event. We walked over and arrived about 15 minutes early for our 10:45 time slot.

We were immediately able to “valet park” the stroller. Then we waited in line for a bit. This wait was made better by the fact that we ran into my friend Jessica from my PACE moms’ group and her husband and two kids. Also, a staff member came by and blew bubbles periodically for the kids’ entertainment.

Upon entry, there were six stations of activity. The idea was to pass through each station (a maze, a cookie-and-milk-stand, a few different photo ops, maybe another that I missed) and end up at the final station, the stage show.

There were lines for all of these stations, so we did not do them all. AJ posed for a photo on the stoop, and of course we stopped for cookies and milk. Then we went on to the show, where we met back up with Jessica and family. The show featured Elmo and Cookie monster, wonderfully talented human performers, a TV appearance by Big Bird and a few familiar songs.

I’ve always been a big fan of Sesame Street, and this event did not disappoint–it reflected what I think of as “Sesame Street values.” It was free and inclusive, the staff were kind and friendly, the environment was kid-focused–a little crowded but safe. AJ was thrilled by it, and I am happy we were able to go.

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