A Crafty Evening and More Fun With Makeshift

This past Saturday, AJ and I visited Makeshift for the first time for the Pizza and Picasso craft night, where little moppets made Father’s Day cards (as pictured above) and had their fill of pizza and lemonade.

The space is bright and clean as a canvas, with plenty of fun, crafty supplies on hand. In addition to the crafts and food, I had the opportunity to meet a representative of District Sitter, which partnered with Makeshift for the event and offered babysitting for parents who signed up.

District Sitter is a membership service that offers babysitting and nanny placement. The babysitter I spoke with was taking care of a 3-year-old girl, ensuring that she had a good time while her parents enjoyed some free time to themselves. She was very kind and informative about District Sitter’s services. Find out more about them at the District Sitter site.

In response to a Facebook post prior to the event, I received a question about whether Makeshift would continue to offer kids’ events with babysitting. I asked Makeshift owner Shavanna (who has little kids who participated), and she said she plans on it, as long as there is interest. Keep an eye on the Makeshift schedule for upcoming events.

More news from Makeshift: It is offering a flexible “Summer Six-Pack,” allowing you to attend any six drop-in classes at any time during the summer. You can go to Spanish Music and Play, Tunes for Tots, Little Squirrels Adventure and Play, skip some weeks for vacation, and return again. The offer is valid for all weekday morning classes, all summer, where spots are available.

I also want to note that Makeshift looks like a great place to throw a birthday party. Check out the space rental info.

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