Playing on the ‘Lawn’ Is Perfect for Preschoolers

Hello again, Capitol Hill moms and dads! Last weekend, my sisters were in town and we checked out “Lawn” at the National Building Museum. Everyone–including my tween nieces–had a great time, but I think the preschooler had the best time of all.

“Lawn” is a rolling, fake-grass hill with steep inclines and plateaus. We hiked straight up and found unoccupied hammocks to loll around. Then we played cornhole.

AJ ran around and rolled down the hill like crazy for more than an hour. Then we went to see what else the museum had to offer. At entry, we had received 12:15 timed passes for the Building Zone, but we realized we would need to leave for lunch/nap by then. So we checked out “Play Work Build,” which had areas with Lincoln Logs, small foam blocks and jumbo foam blocks.

“Play Work Build” at the National Building Museum

It was effortless to entertain our 2-year-old for the entire morning at the Building Museum. We’ll definitely return another day to discover more and to experience the Building Zone.

The National Building Museum is now added to the list Activities/Classes for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Find more stuff to do with kids on the Hill:

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