New List: Day-Off Camps on the Hill

DC Way holds one-day camps on teacher workdays, parent conference days and other short school breaks for ages 5-14.

My baby AJ (who strongly objects to being called a baby) is starting PK3 in just a few short weeks. I studied the school calendar and began to contemplate and investigate how I might cover all those parent conference days and teacher work days, lest I spend all my vacation time on those.

One option would be to get a babysitter for the day (or share a babysitter with a friend to bring down the cost). There are also a number of outfits on the Hill that offer day camps on those school breaks.

The results of my inquiry are compiled in this new list: Day-Off Camps on the Hill. I found that out of all the day camps, relatively few serve PK kids, so there is a note in the intro that lists the ones that do.

I also completed a small reorganization to nest the Day-Off Camps list and the Summer Camps list under one main-menu page: Camps on the Hill.

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