A Year of Arts for Young Audiences at Atlas

Capital City Symphony’s Meet the Orchestra: That String Thing!

This past spring, AJ and I attended and loved a couple of kids’ theater shows at Atlas Performing Arts Center. I am very excited to see that Atlas has planned out an entire year of opportunities for kids to explore theater, music and dance. The 2019-2020 schedule of Arts for Young Audiences is here, and it includes a fantastic variety of fun and learning for little ones.

Here’s a rundown, but you should definitely check out the schedule for the full details. These would all make wonderful parent-and-kid dates! I have included the recommended age ranges (spanning from infants to 8 years old).

  • Sept. 28, 2019: Capital City Symphony’s “Meet the Orchestra: That String Thing!” Meet a quintet of string-playing members of the symphony orchestra. Best for ages 3-8.
  • Oct. 11-12: “Culture Queen’s Dance Party.” Join the Culture Queen as she does “The Locomotion” on a journey through the swinging ’60s. Best for ages 2-6.
  • Nov. 15-16: “Baby Beats with Max and Root.” Two beat boxing dads make music and songs the whole family can enjoy. Best for ages 0-8.
Baby Beats With Max and Root
  • Dec. 27-31: Arts on the Horizon’s “Squeakers and Mr. Gumdrop.” One snowy winter morning, Mr. Gumdrop prepares for his annual holiday party. Best for ages 2-5.
  • Feb. 21-March 1, 2020: Imagination Stage’s “Mouse on the Move.” Nellie and Amelia are two adventurous mice ready to explore the world beyond their little mouse-hole. Best for ages 1-5.
  • March 11-15: Arts on the Horizon’s “Drumming With Dishes.” What happens when you invite someone very different from you to come over to play? Best for ages 2-5.
  • April 4: Capital City Symphony’s “Meet the Orchestra.” Meet a section of the orchestra. Best for ages 3-8.
  • April 22-26: Imagination Stage’s “Paper Dreams.” A fun, interactive production that tells the story of two delightful creatures who live inside a wastepaper basket. Best for ages 1-5.
  • June 3-7: Arts on the Horizon’s “Off the Page.” When an imaginative young child falls asleep after reading a book, the stories come to life in their dreams. Best for ages 3-6.
  • July 29- Aug. 2: Imagination Stage’s “Wake Up, Brother Bear.” Sister Bear and Brother Bear are back from hibernation to take your little ones on an interactive journey through the seasons. Best for ages 1-5.

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