Camp Shenanigans Introduces After-School Classes

Camp Shenanigans, known for its performing arts summer camps and “Play in a Day” day-off camps, is introducing weekly after-school classes for fall (descriptions follow). Classes begin the week of Sept. 9 and run through mid-December.

Acting and Improv, Mondays, 6-7 p.m.

This class explores acting techniques (improv, physical comedy, stage presence) as students work to create their own interpretation of an Irish myth. Tropes, characters, story, and more are explored in this fun and dramatic class.  For 2nd-8th graders.

Dungeons and Dragons Club, Fridays, 4-6 p.m.

In this club, kids are introduced to mythology and folklore through role-play games. These tabletop games encourage critical thinking and problem-solving as students battle ancient enemies and solve mysteries as a team. This club is open to 3rd-5th, but 2nd are accepted with pre-approval.

Visit Camp Shenanigans to find out more about its offerings.

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