Dinosaur Cupcakes and PK Party Lessons Learned

The birthday bashing and baking continued as I prepared these dinosaur cupcakes for AJ’s PK3 class. His preschool allows birthday celebrations during the last half hour of the school day. It was a good opportunity to make AJ feel special–while also checking out his new classroom dynamics. I also learned a few things from this experience that I am noting for next time.

I had a moment of doubt last night when AJ requested “Spiderman … Read the rest

Let’s Talk Birthday Cakes!

AJ’s cake for birthday #3: Dinosaur cake!

We have been busy celebrating AJ’s birthday, his birth week– it just may go on all birth month! So let’s talk birthday cakes. In this post I would like to 1) share a few tips for novices (like me) who dare to make their own and 2) ask for your recs for a new list, draft title “Birthday Cake Bakeries On/Near the Hill,” which I hope to compile … Read the rest

Blog Update, Sept. 4: CHK Is 5 Months Old!

Hi neighbors! Capitol Hill Kid is sitting up, rolling over and smiling big! CHK turned 5 months old on Aug. 27, a small milestone that was greatly overshadowed by a much bigger one: AJ’s 3rd birthday! Related to that, I will have upcoming posts about birthday cakes and birthday party venues soon (maybe today?).

Here’s how CHK grew in the past month:

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