Blog Update, Sept. 4: CHK Is 5 Months Old!

Hi neighbors! Capitol Hill Kid is sitting up, rolling over and smiling big! CHK turned 5 months old on Aug. 27, a small milestone that was greatly overshadowed by a much bigger one: AJ’s 3rd birthday! Related to that, I will have upcoming posts about birthday cakes and birthday party venues soon (maybe today?).

Here’s how CHK grew in the past month:

  • Published a new list: Day-Off Camps on the Hill, which joined the pre-existing Summer Camps on the Hill, which had a significant update this past month based on reader feedback. Both lists are found under the main menu page, Camps on the Hill. I am planning additional lists specific to winter break, February break and spring break.
DC State Fair, this weekend, Sept. 8

I checked one big thing off of my to-do list from last month, which was the Day-Off Camps list, and I have another one in the works, the Birthday Party Venues list. Here are remaining items on my mind …

  • Day Cares on the Hill
  • Donations on the Hill
  • Activities/Classes for Elementary Age

If you have any ideas, news or thoughts to share, please send them my way:

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