Blog Update, Oct 4, 2019: CHK Is 6 Months Old!

Hi neighbors! Capitol Hill Kid turned 6 months old on Sept. 27. This milestone has me reflecting back to when CHK was just an idea. I think that in these six months, I’ve been able to put out a decent amount of good and useful content. The website has also allowed me to make connections with other parents in our community, and that feels really good.

There’s a lot more I’d like to accomplish here, and so I’m working on plans to be able to devote more time to CHK. I hope my plans will work out so that I’ll be able to post a lot more often and be more responsive to your emails and suggestions.

OK, so here’s what I accomplished in the past month:

  • Published Let’s Talk Birthday Cakes! in which I talked about my experiences baking AJ’s cakes, and I asked readers to tell me about their favorite places to buy cakes. I didn’t get very many comments on that. Not enough to make a list of cake bakeries in the hood. I understand there used to be a “Capitol Hill Cake Mom” who was very popular but shut down her cake business.
  • Published Dinosaur Cupcakes and PK3 Party Lessons Learned, in which I talked about making cupcakes for AJ’s new preschool class, and the ins and outs of that. (And then I was clearly exhausted from AJ’s birthday festivities, because I posted nothing further in September!)
  • Gained new followers: CHK has 234 Facebook followers, up from 225 the month before, and 121 Twitter followers, up from 114.

In the birthday theme, I promised y’all a new list of Birthday Party Venues on the Hill, and I haven’t found the time to do it yet.

Thank you to all of you who have written me emails, met me for coffee and lunch, and been supportive of Capitol Hill Kid. It means a lot to me. I’m at, and always happy to hear from you.

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