Pumpkin Patch Adventure at Montpelier Farms

Pickin’ pumpkins at Montpelier Farms.

It’s fall, and AJ is crazy about “punkins!” My current criterion for a pumpkin patch is that it be nearby. Montpelier Farms in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is less than 25 miles and about 35 minutes from the Hill, so that does it. We headed off there today. This farm exceeded my expectations.

Montpelier Farms is holding its Fall Festival through Nov. 11. In October, it’s open on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays (see hours). There is A LOT going on at this farm. It is huge, starting with the big grassy parking lot. Each time I thought that I had taken everything in, I turned around and saw even more.

Here’s the view heading in.

We were there about an hour and a half. There was enough to do that we could have stayed for many hours–but 3-year-old AJ became overtired and reached the limit of his cooperation skills. Here’s all the stuff we did in the time we had:

AJ posed in a big blue chair:

Picked pumpkins:

Slid down huge slides:

Played a bowling game:

Pretended to drive a big wooden tractor:

In addition, there were plenty of climbing structures, swings and other small-child-appropriate stuff that AJ enjoyed that I didn’t photograph, AND we saw farm animals. So it was pretty spectacular, yet here’s all the stuff that was available that we did not do:

  • Face painting
  • Farm market
  • Hay rides
  • Pumpkin chunkin’
  • Pumpkin painting
  • An enormous corn maze (avoided on purpose, because that’s literally my nightmare)
  • And more!

There were also many food options that smelled sooooo delicious but I never had the opportunity to take in, plus a winery booth (and of that I did partake).

AJ’s Daddy commented that he thinks this place will be more awesome for us when AJ is more like 5+ years old and we can set him free. I agree that this is the case. You could really make a day of it with older children. Regardless, I recommend Montpelier Farms for everyone. We got it done, and we’re home with pumpkins to paint (which I hope to write about soon)!

So, there are a lot of “DC fall festival/pumpkin patch” lists out there. I’m not doing one, because I haven’t been to enough of them. Here are a few great lists for you:

I do have one more farm I want to tell you about though …

Miller Farms in Clinton

Last year, when AJ was 2, we went to Miller Farms in Clinton, Maryland, for our “punkin” pickin’. This farm’s festival is a bit smaller-scale and more chill than Montpelier’s. Miller Farms is also perhaps the closest–less than 20 miles or 30 minutes from the Hill.

Here’s how I remember it: There was a wonderful farm store and garden center (where we couldn’t help but buy a bunch of stuff). Then, a little drive down a dirt road, they had a big pumpkin patch, a couple moon bounces, hay mazes and a barn full of animals. It was just right at the right age. See more about Miller Farms fall festival.

AJ at Miller Farms.

Happy Fall, neighbors!!

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