Capitol Hill Kid to Launch Discussion Forum

Hi neighbors! I started Capitol Hill Kid (CHK) about six months ago to share information about activities, camps, events and resources for families on the Hill. I also had in mind that CHK could eventually be a place where Hill moms and dads could share information and interact with each other. To that end, I’m announcing my intention to put up a discussion forum here at CHK.

I’ve been following the recent discussion on MOTH about Yahoo no longer supporting the Yahoo email groups. I reached out to the MOTH admins and learned that they are working on a solution that includes moving the MOTH archives and preserving the group’s membership. The forum I am planning is intended to be another option for Hill discussions. It sounds like what MOTH admins plan to do is sufficiently different from the discussion forum that I am planning, and that my forum can serve a somewhat different purpose.

I’m envisioning a forum that works much like DC Urban Moms, but specifically for Hill and Hill-adjacent parents. I think DCUM is a great resource, you can find a lot of information there, but I don’t love the anonymous trolling and unhelpful sniping. So to avoid that, the CHK forum will require registration. I don’t think I’m going to require that people live within specified boundaries, but I’m going to make it clear that the forum is intended for people living on the Hill (or close to it).

My forum will be place to share info and ask questions about kids’ activities, school stuff, camps and whatever else Hill parents want to discuss. I plan to moderate, remove inappropriate posts and block inappropriate posters. I expect that the forum will adapt and grow according to feedback and the ways in which people end up using it.

So! Off I go to build my forum. I’ll update when I’ve published something that is ready for some test discussions. Please get in touch if you have any thoughts for me on this new feature! I’m at

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