New List: Coop Play Groups on the Hill

Capitol Hill Cooperative Play School is one of several cooperatives on the Hill.

A reader wrote to Capitol Hill Kid:

I wondered if you’ve compiled a list of all the cooperative play groups on the Hill? I keep bumping into people who have their kids in different ones — G Street, Capitol Hill Cooperative Nursery School, Capitol Hill cooperative Play Group, etc (those names might not be exactly right…) But it got me thinking — are there some out there that I’ve never heard of?? Just wondering if it’s something you have on the site already.

I did not have it on the site already, but now I do: Cooperative Play Groups on the Hill is now available and accessible from the main menu.

Cooperative play groups are wonderful places for little ones to have fun and learn to socialize. Play sessions are typically held in the mornings and serve 2-year-olds (some go up to age 5). As part of a cooperative, parents volunteer to supervise children and perform other tasks. Some cooperatives are run by parents exclusively, while others have teachers/facilitators as well as parent involvement. If I am missing a coop on the Hill, or if you see any inaccurate info, email me now at

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