Mayor Announces Ban on Gatherings of More Than 250

Just watched Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 4 p.m. briefing. The main takeaways are: The DC Department of Health is banning mass gatherings, which are now defined as more than 250 people (lowered from 1,000). DPR rec centers will be closed as of Monday, along with DC schools and libraries as previously announced. Other notes related to kids/families:

  • All charters are following the DCPS school closing, officials believe.
  • The mayor has recommended that day cares follow the DCPS closing, except for day cares serving children of essential DC employees and medical staff. The city is working to ensure spaces for those children.
  • Restaurants serving more than 250 people, or with large banquet spaces, are considered mass gatherings.

I didn’t catch everything, because my kid was yelling in the background (I kept him home from school today out of “an abundance of caution”).

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