Shamrock Hunt on the Hill: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s our shamrock, made this morning!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hill parents have rallied behind the “Shamrock Hunt” idea that was shared on the Moms on the Hill (MOTH) email group yesterday. The idea is that you make a shamrock with your kids, place it in your window or door, and then go out with the kids to search for and count other shamrocks in the neighborhood. It’s a good, no-contact way to have family fun in these strange times.

A mom even put together a cheat sheet so parents can help their kids find them. There are shamrocks all over the Hill, and some participants have shared limericks as clues to locations.

Speaking of MOTH, right now is a really good time to get connected to your neighbors. Check out my list of Neighbor Networks for the email groups and Facebook groups that can help you stay informed and connected. If you have any networks to add, let me know.

Happy shamrock hunting and stay healthy, neighbors!

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