Flower Hunt: New No-Contact Neighborhood Activity

Flower inspo

A new no-contact neighborhood activity is being organized by Moms on the Hill (MOTH): a Flower Hunt to begin on Friday. Just like the Shamrock Hunt, but with flowers: Make a flower, hang it in your window or door, and go out hunting for flowers in the neighborhood.

Here are the MOTH marching orders:

In celebration of the Cherry Blossoms in bloom l suggest that the next contact less scavenger hunt be flowers.  

-Keep your shamrocks up until Friday so kids can continue looking for these if they did not have a chance
-Make your flowers and hang them up Friday (there is your art project for Friday)
-Flowers can be any color, just make them big so they are easier to see
-Share the game with neighbors, my child free neighbors enjoyed participating

If you think of a fun way to make this a more interactive activity, please share.  For example, assign a different point value for different colors to make this into a math activity.

Add your flower’s address and find other flower addresses with this shared map.

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