News and Notes: School Announcement, Takeout/Delivery Lists, Fun Stuff and More

Just a boy and his excavator in a wide-open field.

Here’s a roundup of neighborhood news and notes. We have serious stuff from the schools, city, Metro; fun stuff like home art activities; lists of takeout/delivery; and a personal note.

Schools, City and Metro

Fun Stuff

Takeout/Delivery Lists

Want dinner delivered tonight? Check out these lists:

Personal Note

A letter from a 3-year-old friend

My little guy was in need of a major morale booster, and yesterday he got one: He received a letter on the doorstep from one of his best buddies. He jumped up and down and cheered! “I love her,” he said while hugging the letter.

Our morning activity today was to draw, compose and deliver a reply. When we arrived at his friend’s address, the kids saw each other through the porch window and laughed and waved at each other for a few minutes. It was so sweet and a little sad at the same time.

In happier times (last month), they met up for the Valentine’s Day Workshop at the Postal Museum, pictured at right.

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