“Lean on Me”: Social-Distance Stoop Sing, Friday, 6 p.m.

Join your neighbors in an Italian-inspired “stoop sing” on Friday night at 6 p.m. This idea came from a neighbor in Mount Pleasant. The song is “Lean on Me”–give it a few listens tomorrow with the kids. See details:

These are unusual and challenging times, but we have seen incredible spirit in the past weeks, and that, dear neighbors, is something to celebrate.

So, inspired by our Italian friends, let us hold a moment of celebration in the chaos that is COVID.

This Friday March 20th, at 6 PM SHARP: step onto your stoop, porch, doorway, window, balcony, whathaveyou and sing for the world to hear. (Maintain social distance, sanitize everything, if you have a fever / cough, keep isolated, you all know the drill)

We’ll do three rounds of Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.”

Tell all your neighbors tell all your friends – let’s get the entire city in song! See you on the stoops.

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In case you missed it:

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