Schools Closed Through April 24, Parks/Playgrounds to Close and More

Buckle up for more homeschooling! Mayor Muriel Bowser announced at her 3 p.m. briefing that schools will be closed through April 24, reopening on April 27. All DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities, including playgrounds, parks, and athletic fields, will be closed to the public. Some other news and notes gathered today:

  • Earlier the mayor announced the District’s first COVID-19 related death.
  • DCPS informed the Maury Elementary community that a child there tested positive for coronavirus.
  • As of 8 p.m. last night, there were 32 new cases, for a total of 71 in DC.
  • Neighbors were alarmed to see the Sephora store at Eastern Market boarded up. Hill Rag has the story.
  • It was rumored that the mayor would be announcing a shelter-in-place at the press conference today. That didn’t happen, but seems likely it is being discussed as an option down the road.

I’m not sure what the DPR closing of fields, parks and playgrounds means for Kingman Field, which I can see from my window. I believe it is DPR. I see families over there practicing safe social distancing all day long. Right now I see a few families out there playing, keeping their units separate from the others–one family playing tee-ball, another playing soccer. The word on Facebook is that safe distancing hasn’t been happening at all parks though.

Neighbors have a lot to discuss on the porch tonight.

In case you missed it:

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