Social Distance Diary, Day 8: A Preschool Version of “Pay It Forward”

“A Rainy Day Indoors” by AJ.

It was rainy, and we stayed inside all day. AJ looked longingly out the window at a family in colorful ponchos playing in the field despite the weather–bright spots of red, blue and pink against the gray/green background.

This is the second installment of my Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share, connect and record some of the details of these strange times. I’ll will keep this up regularly (not daily) for the duration.

Earlier today, when I saw the news that the mayor would hold a briefing at 11 a.m., I felt certain that she would announce a shelter-in-place order. That didn’t happen, but I feel like it’s all about the same for us in practice. I was relieved that she encouraged residents to continue to go out for fresh air and exercise with family while keeping a safe distance from others. That’s what we’ve been doing anyway, and it looks like we have some nice weather ahead of us!

Preschool “Pay It Forward”

Last week (before I started the Social Distance Diary), I wrote about how 3-year-old AJ received a sweet drawing and letter from one of his best friends (at the end of this post). It gave him such a boost. We delivered a reply and he got to see his friend through her window.

Today, AJ told me he wanted to make a note for another buddy from his “old school” (the day care he attended before PK3). I promised him we would do it tomorrow. Then I got to thinking: This is the preschool version of “pay it forward”! AJ received a kindness, and now he is paying it forward by doing something kind for someone else. Kids are amazing.

Today I am grateful for …

My home. I am happy to have a comfortable and safe place to be, even if “stuck” here.

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