New Theme for Window Art Hunt: Flags

A new theme for the Capitol Hill Community Window Art Hunt has been announced: flags. Display flags starting tomorrow (Friday). Also, there is now a schedule of themes through April. See note from organizers below.

There has been a lot of interest in posting flags in our windows as a Window Art Hunt theme, so that is the one we are going to do next! Official “due date” is Friday March 27. 

You can post a national flag of personal significance to you, or a DC flag (three red stars above two horizontal red stripes on a white background). Feel free to hang a flag you own, or make one out of paper. It would be great if you can label your flag so we can learn if it’s not familiar to us!

If you put up a flag, drop a pin on this map:

You can post photos from your hunt to

UPCOMING HUNT THEME SCHEDULE (subject to adjustment, but here’s the current plan in case you want to start thinking ahead):

3/27 – Flags

3/31 – April Fools (draw a silly face or write a joke on a poster, bonus points for a clever prank)

4/3 – Hearts / thank-you notes

4/7 – Outer Space (star/sun/moon/planet/rocket…)

4/10 – Egg Hunt

4/14 – Animals

4/17 – Letters of the Alphabet (child’s middle initial)

4/21 – Trees (for Earth Day)

4/24 – Rainbows

See info about previous hunts:

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In case you missed it:

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