Capitol Hill Kid Turns 1

It’s Capitol Hill Kid’s birthday!

Capitol Hill Kid is celebrating its first birthday. Now a toddler, Capitol Hill Kid is up on its feet and taking steps. The baby blog was born a year ago (actually March 27, but I was too tired to post yesterday). It sure has grown, and made a lot of friends, too.

If you’d like to show the Kid some birthday love, there is nothing it would like better than if you would go on over to the Facebook page and hit like or follow. Same with Twitter (where CHK has been sharing a lot of neighborhood news related to families and COVID-19). Current numbers: 428 Facebook followers and 193 on Twitter.

Here’s a look back at CHK’s very first post: Welcome to Capitol Hill Kid!

Over its first year, CHK was viewed more than 45,000 times. Its most popular resources are the camp and activities lists. Here are the Top 5 Most-Viewed Pages:

  1. Activities/Classes for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  2. Summer Camps on the Hill
  3. Activities/Classes for Babies
  4. Kid-Friendly Restaurants on the Hill
  5. Day-Off Camps on the Hill

Although compiled less than a year ago, the resources above need updating, and I’m planning to carve out some time to thoroughly vet them over the next month. (Just like all of you, I’m busier than ever with my child at home.) I hope these lists will be ready to serve neighbors well when activities and camps are back up and running.

The following were the Top 5 Most-Viewed Blog Posts (clearly, everyone wanted to know about the Lane!):

  1. A Look Inside the Lane, the Family Club Opening Tomorrow in Ivy City
  2. The Lane, Huge Family Club in Ivy City, to Open Saturday
  3. School Daze: Get Help With the PK Lottery
  4. Staying In and Social Distancing With Kids: Helpful Reads
  5. See Cherry Blossoms Right in the Neighborhood

Thanks for reading over the past year, neighbors! As always, if you have news, thoughts or ideas to share, please email me at

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In case you missed it:

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