Mayor’s Briefing: First Day of Distance Learning, Equity Fund, Closing of Non-Essential Businesses: Updates

Did you hear? “Spring break” is over, and today is the first day of distance learning. At an 11 a.m. briefing today, Mayor Muriel Bowser talked about school resuming via distance learning and announced the DC Education Equity Fund,, an effort to meet students’ basic needs and provide internet access and devices during the COVID-19 outbreak. The mayor will issue an order to close non-essential businesses, like salons and barber shops. More guidance … Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 8: A Preschool Version of “Pay It Forward”

“A Rainy Day Indoors” by AJ.

It was rainy, and we stayed inside all day. AJ looked longingly out the window at a family in colorful ponchos playing in the field despite the weather–bright spots of red, blue and pink against the gray/green background.

This is the second installment of my Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share, connect and record some of the details of these strange times. I’ll will keep this Read the rest

A Clarification on DPR Dog Parks, Open Green Spaces; Online Kids’ Fitness Class and More

I just received a DPR Alert email that provides clarification on what is open and closed as far as parks and open spaces. Closed: Playgrounds, rec centers, gated parks and athletic fields. Open: Dog parks, skate parks, trails and open green spaces. Also of interest: There is a kids’ #FITDC class to broadcast on DCN weekdays at 3 p.m.

This matches up with what I’ve seen outside and online: Kingman Field and Dog Park, near … Read the rest

Mayor Urges Residents to Stay Home and Away From Cherry Blossoms; No Shelter-in-Place Order

Mayor Muriel Bowser urged residents to stay home and away from the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin and National Mall at her press conference at 11 a.m. The mayor said that residents may go out for essential activities and to get fresh air and exercise with immediate family, while keeping a safe distance from others. She did not order shelter-in-place as some expected.

Last night, the mayor announced that as of 7 p.m., DC … Read the rest

New Theme for Neighborhood Art Hunt: Baseball and Basketball

We enjoyed the Flower Hunt and the Shamrock Hunt, and now we are moving to a new theme to go on display on Tuesday, March 24: basketball and baseball. This theme is in honor of (and in absence of) March Madness and Opening Day. Put basketball- or baseball-inspired art or sports paraphernalia in your window, and go out with the kids to search for more.

Organizers are now planning themes for two new hunts … Read the rest

Social-Distance Kids’ Activities on the Hill

During social distancing, you can keep the kids busy with yoga, arts, soccer skills, playgroups and more while staying connected and supporting these Hill businesses. Your child may get to see familiar faces from their favorite activities! This is a work in progress, to be updated as I find out about more. Email me at

Breathing Space is replacing in-person yoga with classes on Zoom for currently enrolled students. It is also working on … Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 6: Sprouting Joy

Hey there, neighbors. How are you doing? I’ve been wondering about how people are coping, so I thought I’d start sharing my own experience here in a Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share and connect, and record some of the details of these strange times. This is the first installment, and I’m calling it Day 6 because schools were closed six days ago. I’ll try to keep this up regularly, if not daily, … Read the rest

“End the Disconnect,” an Awesome Art Project and Fundraiser on the Hill

A local portrait artist and Hill mom is working on a cool and meaningful project, “End the Disconnect,” that she hopes will raise money for those hardest hit by COVID-19 and bring smiles to neighbors’ faces during this time of social distancing and isolation. Erin Thompson of Erin Thompson Studio creates art out of moments of connection between people and their loves.

Here’s how the project works:

  • Send a photo of a special moment with
Read the rest

Schools Closed Through April 24, Parks/Playgrounds to Close and More

Buckle up for more homeschooling! Mayor Muriel Bowser announced at her 3 p.m. briefing that schools will be closed through April 24, reopening on April 27. All DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities, including playgrounds, parks, and athletic fields, will be closed to the public. Some other news and notes gathered today:

  • Earlier the mayor announced the District’s first COVID-19 related death.
  • DCPS informed the Maury Elementary community that a child there
Read the rest

Ward 6 Porch Happy Hour, Tonight at 5

DC Councilmember Charles Allen tweeted this invitation to hang out with your neighbors at a safe distance tonight at 5 p.m. “It’s going to be a long haul and we’re going to need each other,” he wrote.

Might as well get to know those neighbors before you start belting out “Lean on Me” for the Stoop Sing at 6 p.m.!

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In case you missed it:

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