Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racism Resources for Parents

“Black Lives Matter” message found at Kingman Island today

Capitol Hill Kid believes that Black Lives Matter. I believe that Black Lives Matter. My heart goes out to my black neighbors and those raising black children. I want better for the generation we are raising. I want to do better myself. Over the past week, I have felt encouraged by the anti-racism resources that I have seen shared by my child’s teachers, local librarians and other parents in our community. Below I have compiled a list.

Of special note: Today, the National Museum of African American History and Culture released Talking About Race, an education portal with online exercises, videos, article and more for parents, educators and individuals. The museum moved up the release of the resource in response to the recent events. Read more about it: The African American History Museum Wants to Help You Talk About Race and Racism (Washingtonian).

Articles About Talking to Kids

Book Lists and Resource Roundups

Education Portals

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