What’s Going on With Summer Camps on the Hill?

DC Way camp during a past summer. Camp may look a bit different this year.

Back in January/February, when registration opened for many summer day camps, many of us thought we had our kids’ summers all settled. Now, not so much. I’ve been looking into what the summer camps on the Hill are planning to do in light of the ongoing public health emergency and the uncertainties of DC’s phased reopening. I found that some are planning to hold in-person activities or camp, some are doing virtual activities, some are still working it out and some have canceled outright.

If you are registered for camps, chances are they have reached out to let you know their plans. I gathered the following information in case your plans have been upended and you are looking for options. I could not find information for all camps. If you have info that I don’t, email me at cory@capitolhillkid.com. I definitely plan to post updates about camps as new information is available and as the situation changes.

Camps are organized below in five categories: All-Outdoor Nature Activities, Camps Planning to Open in Phase 2, Undecided Camps, Virtual Camps and Canceled Camps.

All-Outdoor Nature Activities

Adventure Camp DC (Mr. Tony’s) isn’t holding camp–it is holding Outdoor Adventure Pods. These are small groups of children, 9 or fewer, led by a counselor in all-outdoor activities in public parks like Rock Creek, River Terrace and Kingman Island. Interested parents must organize their own small group of trusted families, and Mr. Tony will supply the counselor for the group. At this time, he still has staff available for new pods. Read the FAQ for more information.

Camps Planning to Open in Phase 2

Under the mayor’s phased reopening plan, camps may open in Phase 2, which could begin as early as June 22.

Adventures on the Hill is preparing to open June 22, and registration appears to be open on their website. Read the camp’s COVID-19 Update.

Busy Bees is preparing to open at the Hill Center on June 22 with many precautions, including masks and smaller groups. Busy Bees shared details in an email sent to registered families. At this time, the camp’s spots are filled, but there is a possibility of spaces opening up. If interested, you may register, and the camp will confirm later if a spot becomes available. Note that Busy Bees is not accepting 2-year-olds this summer. Registration links are here.

DC Way is preparing to open on June 22 with restrictions. Coach Denis confirmed today that he has spots available. See registration links here.

Golf DC indicated on its website that some of its camps will open in July.

Super Soccer Stars appears to be proceeding with plans for in-person camps. See here.

Undecided Camps

Home Run Baseball Camp has a note at the bottom of this page that explains that it is not currently registering until it determines whether camp will be held.

Polite Piggy’s sent a survey to registered families last week to help determine whether it will be feasible to open.

Virtual Camps

Many camps on the Hill are offering virtual programs. Here I am providing a list with links to more information. In a future post, I’d like to get into more detail about how these programs work, the age ranges they best serve, which ones have already been operating online successfully, etc.

Canceled Camps

Some camps opted to bow out for the summer. These include:

Neighbors, I hope this is helpful and that we all are able to make a decent summer for the kids. If you don’t see a camp listed, it’s because I could not find info. If you have the info, I’ll include it in an update. Email me at cory@capitolhillkid.com.

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