Social Distance Diary, Day???: OK, It’s Been a Year

Climbing trees is always an option.

Hey! Long time no see. This is a website about kids’ activities on Capitol Hill, and kids’ activities were mostly and sadly halted in the past year. The lists here that I created–summer camps, activities–I had thought would be fairly static over some years … well, you know what they say about making plans.

Here we are, almost at the other end of this thing. I’ve had my first … Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 74: Running Into the Unknown

Bridge to Kingman Island

I didn’t keep up with my Social Distance Diary. I did entries for Day 6, Day 8 and Day 10, and then I lost the energy–and I’m sure you know why. When given a small, kid-free block of time (he’s finally freaking asleep!), we face sad choices, like: Shower or sleep? Zoom with friends or sleep? Clean kitchen or sleep? Blog or sleep? You can see how the … Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 10: “Homeschool” Hurdles

AJ talks to his teacher on Zoom on my laptop (which he isn’t usually allowed to touch).

I was feeling conflicted–grumpy, really–about technology-based distance learning for my 3-year-old.

This is the third installment of my Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share, connect and record some of the details of these strange times. I’ll will keep this up regularly (not daily) for the duration.

But then we tried it today, and it was … Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 8: A Preschool Version of “Pay It Forward”

“A Rainy Day Indoors” by AJ.

It was rainy, and we stayed inside all day. AJ looked longingly out the window at a family in colorful ponchos playing in the field despite the weather–bright spots of red, blue and pink against the gray/green background.

This is the second installment of my Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share, connect and record some of the details of these strange times. I’ll will keep this Read the rest

Social Distance Diary, Day 6: Sprouting Joy

Hey there, neighbors. How are you doing? I’ve been wondering about how people are coping, so I thought I’d start sharing my own experience here in a Social Distance Diary. The purpose is to share and connect, and record some of the details of these strange times. This is the first installment, and I’m calling it Day 6 because schools were closed six days ago. I’ll try to keep this up regularly, if not daily, … Read the rest

Mayor’s Briefing: First Day of Distance Learning, Equity Fund, Closing of Non-Essential Businesses: Updates

Did you hear? “Spring break” is over, and today is the first day of distance learning. At an 11 a.m. briefing today, Mayor Muriel Bowser talked about school resuming via distance learning and announced the DC Education Equity Fund,, an effort to meet students’ basic needs and provide internet access and devices during the COVID-19 outbreak. The mayor will issue an order to close non-essential businesses, like salons and barber shops. More guidance … Read the rest

Social-Distance Kids’ Activities on the Hill

During social distancing, you can keep the kids busy with yoga, arts, soccer skills, playgroups and more while staying connected and supporting these Hill businesses. Your child may get to see familiar faces from their favorite activities! This is a work in progress, to be updated as I find out about more. Email me at

Breathing Space is replacing in-person yoga with classes on Zoom for currently enrolled students. It is also working on … Read the rest

What’s Going on With Summer Camps on the Hill?

DC Way camp during a past summer. Camp may look a bit different this year.

Back in January/February, when registration opened for many summer day camps, many of us thought we had our kids’ summers all settled. Now, not so much. I’ve been looking into what the summer camps on the Hill are planning to do in light of the ongoing public health emergency and the uncertainties of DC’s phased reopening. I found that some … Read the rest

Weekend Notes: More Scavenger Hunts; Parks Reopen

Look for Brandt and pick up a new scavenger hunt this Sunday, noon-3 p.m., at Lincoln Park.

Two family-friendly happenings this weekend: Ravens Duet is offering new scavenger hunts, and DC parks are reopened as of today (Friday). I nearly called this a Weekend Roundup, but hesitated to return to that feature of normal times, because DC is still in a public health emergency, and I hope you all stay safe. The following are … Read the rest

Kids’ Matzah Baking, Tomorrow at 11 a.m.

If you have flour, you have a kids’ baking activity for tomorrow. Join a Kids Matzah Baking class right in your kitchen using Zoom. Watch dough go from flour to crunchy matzah in under 18 minutes.

Geared to those ages 2 and up, it’s happening on Wednesday, April 1 at 11 a.m. and brought to you by the same friends who helped kids make hamantasch at the Hill Center last month. Register here.

Here … Read the rest