Capitol Hill Kid to Launch Discussion Forum

Hi neighbors! I started Capitol Hill Kid (CHK) about six months ago to share information about activities, camps, events and resources for families on the Hill. I also had in mind that CHK could eventually be a place where Hill moms and dads could share information and interact with each other. To that end, I’m announcing my intention to put up a discussion forum here at CHK.

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Blog Update, Oct 4, 2019: CHK Is 6 Months Old!

Hi neighbors! Capitol Hill Kid turned 6 months old on Sept. 27. This milestone has me reflecting back to when CHK was just an idea. I think that in these six months, I’ve been able to put out a decent amount of good and useful content. The website has also allowed me to make connections with other parents in our community, and that feels really good.

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Blog Update, Sept. 4: CHK Is 5 Months Old!

Hi neighbors! Capitol Hill Kid is sitting up, rolling over and smiling big! CHK turned 5 months old on Aug. 27, a small milestone that was greatly overshadowed by a much bigger one: AJ’s 3rd birthday! Related to that, I will have upcoming posts about birthday cakes and birthday party venues soon (maybe today?).

Here’s how CHK grew in the past month:

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CHK Blog Update, Aug. 2: Four Months

Summer with Tinkergarten

Hi all! Capitol Hill Kid turned 4 months old on July 28. Here are highlights from the past month:

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CHK Blog Update, June 28: Happy Three Months

Capitol Hill Kid turned 3 months old yesterday, June 27. CHK was born on March 27, when I published its first post, Welcome to Capitol Hill Kid! Before that, CHK was just a twinkle in my eye. At 3 months, CHK is settling into a schedule, enjoying the neighborhood and meeting lots of new friends.

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CHK Blog Update, May 31: Happy Two Months

Capitol Hill Kid turned two months old on May 27. CHK is holding up its head, looking around, smiling at new friends and enjoying the neighborhood. Here’s what happened in the past week:

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CHK Blog Update, May 24: Photographers List, Go West Tennis and More

Hi neighbors! CHK was put in the back seat this past week, and this weekly update is delayed. Nevertheless, CHK had some growth to record this past week:

  • Added new friends on Facebook (now 100 followers) and Twitter (now 41 followers). Please follow Capitol Hill Kid!
  • Published a new list: Family Photographers on the Hill, which has since been updated with more lovely photos from talented local photographers.
  • Created four new blog posts including
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New List: Family Photographers on the Hill

Photo by Holly Harper

Have a newborn or ready for new family photos? New on the blog: A list of Family Photographers on the Hill, all of them recommended by MOTHs. The list includes sample photos from several of the photographers, a statement about their approach and contact information.

The photo above is by Hill mom Holly Harper, a beginner family photographer who has very affordable rates.

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CHK Blog Update, May 15: Making New Friends

Hi neighbors. I’m continuing to work to grow Capitol Hill Kid into a trusted resource on kids’ activities, summer camps and more on the Hill. Here’s what CHK accomplished in the past week:

  • Made more friends on Facebook and Twitter. CHK now has 99 followers on Facebook and 37 on Twitter (up from 83 and 26 a week ago). Thanks for following CHK!
  • Updated lists with new info: I was unaware of story time
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