Family Photographers on the Hill

Looking for the perfect newborn or family photographer? The photographers listed below are recommended by parents on the Hill.

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Always Ard Photography

By Always Ard Photography

“I love capturing moments in time, helping them last forever. And my dream is to create an album full of those moments for you. When we do that, we get to share a piece of ourselves with each other. My piece is my photos for you. Your piece is your moments, your memories.”

Amy Hashimoto

By Amy Hashimoto

“I’m a lifestyle photographer in the D.C. area that focuses on capturing candid, real life moments. I’m a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. We enjoy micro-adventures around the D.C. area and traveling the east coast in our renovated vintage Airstream trailer.”

Cristina Steadman Photography

By Cristina Steadman Photography

“I’m a mom, wife, friend and a story teller through my lens. I got my first camera when I was 10 and haven’t put it down since. I used a 35mm film camera for a long time and it was hard to switch to digital, but once I made the switch the possibilities were endless. My main focus is to make my clients comfortable and relaxed through out the shoot. My approach is  more of a journalistic approach. I thrive to get those special moments for you that you will treasure for a lifetime.”

Ginny Filer Photography

By Ginny Filer Photography

“Life is what happens in the moments in between. For me, those moments happen during my magic hour. Each day, I award myself one hour to run. I capture some of my most precious moments in the photos taken during my magic hour. I capture those small; yet significant details often overlooked when everything is at its regular pace. Photography is my way to remember that life is full of beautiful moments, just waiting to be found. This is my approach to your photography session—To capture the beauty and unseen moments in your magic hour– those precious smiles and stolen glances—and freeze them forever in time.”

Holly Harper, Fledgling Photographer

By Holly Harper

“I have always loved taking pictures. I’ve been practicing portrait sessions with friends and families on the Hill (and using my own family, much to their annoyance).Let me know if you need a family portrait or someone to come take pics at the kiddo’s birthday party. 1-hour session = $200!”

Jessica Palmer Photography

I believe that life is about connection, it’s about sharing moments and experiences with those closest to us. It’s about love and loss. It’s about friendship, community and feelings. And this is what I capture. Images that make you feel something, feel alive and feel connected to humanity. Whether I’m capturing my own family or yours, I am committed to documenting all the smiles, laughs, toes, hugs, dimpled hands and emotion filled glances so that you’re able to relive these precious moments for years to come.

Kathryn Lee Photography

By Kathryn Lee Photography

“As a mom, I know how important it is to capture those fleeting moments when your baby is first born, learning to walk, or reaching all those milestones in the blink of an eye. My photographs help me hold on to those moments and I hope to do the same for you.”

Nicole Harkin Photography

By Nicole Harkin Photography

“Working with you and your family, I will make sure you have excellent photos that you will treasure for years to come after a fun and relaxed photo session. … Not only should a good photographer understand the technical aspects of photography but also know a bit of child psychology. I have two little boys and over the years I have learned how to get all kids to cooperate during a photo session.”

Photopia: Portraits by Elizabeth Dranitke

“In 2000, I discovered my ‘niche’ in an unexpected place – while pregnant with my first child in L.A., I started photographing other pregnant women I met in pre-natal yoga classes. Later on I photographed them again with their babies and a business was born, so to speak! I realized what an amazing opportunity this was as a photographer and new mom—to create this business really united what was most important to me in many ways. One of my favorite parts of my work is photographing families over time. It’s truly an honor to be a part of such a joyous time in people’s lives.”

Rebecca Sable Photography

By Rebecca Sable Photography

“I found my love for photography during my six years as an oncology nurse. Those years taught me to cling tightly to life and drove me to want to capture all of the everyday beauty that we often gloss right over. The twirling of a little one, a head in a lap, a whispered secret, a belly laugh, barefoot toes and tangled limbs – these are the things I love. If you too have a heart for these everyday joys… these wonderfully ordinary moments… and would treasure light-filled, meaningful images with your most special people, then I would be so honored to work with you.”